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Legacy API Support

To take full advantage of Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK objects from legacy IHLLAPI (INFOConnect HLLAPI) applications, you must modify your application to make Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK object calls instead of IHLLAPI calls. The following topic provides SDK equivalents to IHLLAPI calls.

IHLLAPI Function Airlines SDK Method(s)
1: Connect Presentation Space Open
2: Disconnect Presentation Space Close
3: Send Key sendKeys
4: Wait waitForCursor, waitForString, waitHostQuiet
5: Copy Presentation Space getExtPS
6: Search Presentation Space findString, findStringEx
7: Query Cursor Location getCursor
8: Copy Presentation Space to String getText
9: Set Session Parameters N/A
10: Query Sessions N/A
13: Copy OIA getOIAContents
14: Query Field Attribute findField
15: Copy String to Presentation Space putString, putStringEx
18: Pause N/A
20: Query System N/A
21: Reset System N/A
22: Query Session Status N/A
23: Start Host Notification addIScreenListener (Java only),
addIScreenListenerEx (COM only)
24: Query Host Update onScreenChanged (event)
Note This method is only applicable if you are using events (enabled using addIScreenListener or addIScreenListenerEx). Also, it does not detect OIA changes, as IHLLAPI does.
25: Stop Host Notification removeIScreenListener (Java only),
removeIScreenListenerEx (COM only)
30: Search Field findString, findStringEx
31: Find Field Position findField
32: Find Field Length findField
33: Copy String to Field putString, putStringEx
34: Copy Field to String getString, getStringEx
40: Set Cursor Position setCursor
50: Start Keystroke Intercept N/A
51: Get Key N/A
52: Post Intercept Status N/A
53: Stop Keystroke Intercept N/A
99: Convert Position or RowCol N/A
101: Connect Window Services N/A
102: Disconnect Window Services N/A
103: Query Window Coordinates N/A
104: Window Status N/A
911: Associate Profile N/A
912: Remove Profile N/A
913: Get Associations N/A
914: Find File Name N/A
915: Find Short Name N/A
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