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Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK Requirements

Note The following table provides guidelines for installing the Airlines SDK in a stand-alone mode.

If you currently use e-Vantage Host Access Server 3.1 for UMC (HAS 3.1) for configuration management or for ID Manager capabilities, you can continue using it with the Airlines SDK. You can also choose to access ID Manager capabilities through e-Vantage Management and Control Services (MCS) v. 2.0, which is available separately.

Attachmate cannot confirm the accuracy of performance, or any other claims related to non-Attachmate products. For questions or concerns regarding the capabilities of non-Attachmate products, please contact the suppliers of those products.

System Component Preferred Alternatives
Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server
Solaris v. 7, 8 or 9
Windows NT 4.0 Server with SP5 and Option Pack 4
USS on OS/390
Linux /390
Processor 200 MHz Intel Pentium-class  
RAM 128 MB  
Disk Space 6 MB1  
Monitor Screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher  
Sun Java 2 SDK2 SDK v. 1.1.7 or newer  
Browser Internet Explorer v. 5.x
Internet Explorer v. 6.0
Netscape v. 4.7x
Netscape v. 6.0 or 6.1
  1. The amount of free hard disk space needed varies with the amount of memory available since Windows dynamically allocates swap files on the disk. This might increase the amount of free hard disk space needed.

  2. Required for Java development; not required for COM development.
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