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Installing the Airlines SDK

The Attachmage e-Vantage Airlines SDK can be used alone if your applications handle ID management functions programatically, and if you use the WebLogic or WebSphere application servers.

You can also use the SDK in combination with the ID Manager capabilities of Attachmate Host Access Server (HAS) 3.1 or Management & Control Service (MCS) 2.0, which are available separately. MCS 2.0 also provides the Tomcat application server, if you are not using WebLogic or WebSphere.

Note ALC and VT host sessions do not require a unique ID; therefore, the ID Manager is not used to connect to them.
Caution Disable any virus-scanning software before beginning any installation. Running virus-scanning software during installation can result in missing or corrupted files, or other installation errors.
To install the SDK on a Windows machine
  1. Insert the product CD into the CD-ROM drive.

  2. Type your access code, and then click Next.

    The access code is located on the CD package or on the Attachmate Software License Agreement.

  3. Select the Airlines SDK, and then click Next.

  4. Respond to the subsequent prompts.

To install the SDK on a UNIX machine
  1. Insert the product CD into the CD-ROM drive.

  2. Copy or FTP the tarball file to your unix system.

  3. Extract the tarball file.

    The most common method is to type on the command line: tar xbf (filename).

  4. Run the extracted install program

  5. Respond to the subsequent prompts.

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