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Defining a Configuration and WebView

Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK is compatible with the Attachmate e-Vantage Host Access Server (HAS) Management. The SDK provides a way for your application to interact with a host session using a connection you have configured within HAS Management. Specifically, the SDK allows you to create applications that interact with a 3270, 5250, T27, UTS, ALC, or VT host session.

Using the SDK objects in conjunction with HAS Management allows you to create server-based custom applications that communicate with a host session, while requiring a minimal amount of session configuration code within your application.

To communicate with a host session using a server-based custom application, you must first have HAS Management (as well as the SDK) installed and running on a Unix, Windows 2000, or Windows NT server, or you can utilize the requestScreen and requestScreenEx methods directly. Then, you must use HAS Management Console to define a configuration and WebView for use with your application, as described below:

To define a configuration and WebView for use with your application
  1. Define a configuration and WebView in HAS.

  2. A configuration as created with e-Vantage HAS Management Console is a named collection of terminal emulation settings. Once you have created a configuration in HAS for the type of host you want to access, you make it accessible to your application by creating a WebView.

    Note If you're using e-Vantage ID Manager with e-Vantage HAS Management, see Enabling ID Manager in the HAS Configuration for additional configuration information.

    A WebView is a named set of options that determines how the configuration is delivered. Together, the configuration and WebView define the type of host, the network protocol to use, and the configuration of the host session with which your application will interact.

    For information on creating a configuration and WebView for your server-based custom application, refer to the e-Vantage Host Access Server Management Administrator's Guide.

  3. Instantiate a SessionLoader object within your application.

    Once you have defined one or more WebViews using e-Vantage HAS Management, you can then access those WebViews from your server-based custom application. Your application must instantiate the SDK's SessionLoader object, which activates the connection between your application and the host using the WebView you defined previously.

    For information on initializing a host connection from your application, see Establishing a Host Connection.

    Once a host connection has been established, your application can communicate directly with the host session using the various APIs provided in Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK. Results are passed back to your application using the return parameters designated by the methods you use.

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