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SDK Objects

Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK objects provide Java and Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) APIs that allow you to easily add host access capabilities to your server-based custom applications (for example, Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) or Active Server Components).

The Java and COM APIs provided in the SDK allow your applications to interact directly with Unisys, IBM, DEC VAX, Linux, and UNIX host sessions configured using Attachmate e-Vantage Host Access Server (HAS) Management. Specifically, the Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK provides access to standard 3270, 5250, T27, UTS, ALC, and VT host session types.

Object Names

Following is a list of the object names for each of the SDK objects with which your application can interact:

Object Object Name
SessionLoader SessionLoader.SessionLoader
MutableInt Mutable.MutableInt
ScreenTn3270 ScreenTn3270.ScreenTn3270
ScreenTn5250 ScreenTn5250.ScreenTn5250
ScreenT27 ScreenT27.ScreenT27
ScreenUts ScreenUts.ScreenUts
ScreenVt ScreenVt.ScreenVt
ScreenAlc ScreenAlc.ScreenAlc

These SDK objects take advantage of the latest Java and COM specifications and associated development environments to provide a basis for linking your custom applications to one or more of the supported host session types.

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