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Client Configuration Dialog Box

Working directory for the Databridge Client Service

Displays the working directory you selected in the Options tab of the installer. You can change it by entering a different path or by clicking Browse. This directory is required for all client operations, whether initiated from a command line or by the service.

File Security


Enable File Security

Select this check box to set the security attributes for the Client working directory, its files and folders, according to the settings specified in this dialog box..

UserID and Optional Groups

When Enable File Security is selected, you can specify a user or group that has read-write privileges to all directories and files created by the Client program (in addition to administrators and the built-in system account, which have these privileges by default). You can specify both individual users and groups if the user is not a member of the group. Optionally, you can specify a group that has read-only privileges to these files.


UserID for dbutility

Specify the user ID that has full read-write control of the Databridge Client and its programs. dbutility commands must be run under this user ID or by a member of the group specified in the DBAdministrator Group string in the Windows registry.

Note: If you reinstall Databridge, this value will be populated with the current ID, which you can clear and reenter, if needed.


DBAdministrator Group

Specify a group name whose members can run the Databridge Client program and who have read-write access to files in the Client working directory.


DBOperator Group

(Optional) Specify a group name whose members can view the Databridge configuration and log files, but cannot modify them. This selection is useful for groups who are not directly involved in running Databridge, but who need to monitor its operations.