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Before You Upgrade the Databridge Host

Before you upgrade, please note the following:

  • Some files are overwritten by the installation. If you have modified these files, use the following section to write down your changes before you run Databridge Installation WFL. After installation, you can edit the new files with your changes. We also recommend that you make backup copies of these files using the copy command. For example:

    copy DATA/= as SAVE/DATA/=

    copy SYMBOL/= as SAVE/SYMBOL/=

    copy WFL/= as SAVE/WFL/=

  • You can use Accessory parameter files from earlier versions with this release. If the current version includes new options you want to use, you can add them by typing them into your existing parameter file.
  • If you're upgrading Databridge Plus, suspend Databridge Plus before you run the installer.

After you upgrade

Make sure to do the following:

  • Recompile any tailored support libraries. See the Databridge Host Administrator's Guide.
  • Re-establish Databridge Plus as a system library. See the Databridge Plus Administrator's Guide.

The DMSII Support library is compiled automatically after you upgrade. However, you can save time by manually compiling this library before you start replicating. For instructions, see Chapter 3, "DMSII Support," of the Databridge Host Administrator's Guide.