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Setting Up an Oracle Database

The following notes apply to Oracle:

  • The Oracle clients have a configuration parameter that allows you to specify a rollback segment larger than the default rollback segment. You can use a rollback segment to execute the SQL statement SET TRANSACTION USE ROLLBACK SEGMENT at the start of every transaction.
  • The Oracle clients support the CLOB data type for holding DMSII ALPHA items that are too large for the VARCHAR2 data type. The parameters in PL/SQL stored procedures for these clients limit the CLOB data type to 32K (Oracle 11g) and 16K (Oracle 10g2 and 9i). For backward compatibility, this feature is enabled via the use_clob parameter.
  • Starting in Oracle 11g Release 2, Oracle database passwords are case-sensitive.

The Oracle open_cursors Parameter

It is recommended that you add the open_cursors parameter to the initSID.ora file. Depending on the setting of the aux_stmts parameter, you may need to increase the value of open_cursors to make it slightly higher than the value of aux_stmts.

If open_cursors is not set high enough, an error occurs, indicating that the maximum number specified was exceeded. Refer to your Oracle documentation for information on setting these values.