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Starting Enterprise Server

You can start Databridge Enterprise Server using the shortcuts installed on the Windows Start menu or from a command prompt session. When you start Enterprise Server from the Start menu, Enterprise Server starts the application with Administrator privileges (required on Windows 2008). Additionally, Enterprise Server can be started by DBDirector anytime DBDirector receives a connection request from a Databridge Client.

From the Enterprise Server Help menu, you can find instructions for importing sources (upgrades), creating sources (new installations), and configuring the program.

To start from the Start menu

  • From the Start menu, select All Programs > Attachmate Databridge 6.3 > Databridge Enterprise > Configure Enterprise to run Enterprise Server with elevated administrator privileges.

    When Enterprise Server starts, the Databridge Enterprise window appears.

To start from a command session

  • Navigate to the directory where you installed Enterprise Server and type the following:


    For information about command-line options, see the Databridge Enterprise Server Help.