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Files Installed with Databridge Enterprise Server

Use this document to verify the default installation results for Databridge Enterprise Server.

In addition to installing the Enterprise Server files, the setup program adds shortcuts to the Start menu from which you can configure a source and view the configuration and log files folder.

The following files are installed to C:\Program Files\Attachmate\DATABridge\6.3\Enterprise:



Help folder

The Databridge Enterprise Server Help files (.html) which are viewable from the program by selecting the Help menu or by pressing the F1 key.

Support folder

Header files and DBEUser.lib for compiling user-written libraries


Batch file for building user-written libraries


Windows service that listens for requests from Databridge Clients and then initiates the Enterprise Server application


Enterprise Server executable file


The optional message and dialog text for Enterprise Server, which can be translated into other (non-English) languages


Enterprise Server utility that lists the MCP disks available on the server where Enterprise Server is installed


Sample batch file to run whenever an audit file is successfully mirrored to the secondary system.


LINC log FileXtract Reader library


Sample batch file to run when the Databridge Server accessory signals the availability of more audit files to process