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Databridge Director Dialog Box

Getting there

Use the options in this dialog box to control the service that starts Enterprise Server when a client connects.

The options are as follows:

TCP/IP port number

Specify the TCP/IP port that the Databridge Client uses to connect to Enterprise Server.

Enable Tracing

Select this option and click Apply to enable tracing in the Enterprise Server log file. The next time a client connects, Enterprise Server will write debugging information to the log.

DBEnterprise dialog


Select to hide replication information and prevent the log from appearing when replication is complete.


Select to minimize the window showing replication information immediately after replication starts. However, clicking it from the task bar restores it.


Select to show replication information during replication.

DBDirector service control

The status of the Databridge Director service appears in this section below the controls. For example, if Director is running, the status will indicate that the service has been started.

global dbenterprise linked file template

Click to start Director.

global dbenterprise linked file template

Click to stop Director.

global dbenterprise linked file template

Click to restart Director.


Use this button to manually install (Register) or uninstall (Unregister) Director in case the service isn't registered during installation or is accidentally uninstalled from the Windows Services window.