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Creating a Local Source

You may want to apply additional filters to the data available in a base source. You can do that by creating a local source and defining filters for that local source. This task is optional.

To create a local source

  1. In the right pane of the Databridge Enterprise window, under DBEnterprise Sources, right-click the base source for which you want to create a local source and select Add local (filtered) source.

    global dbenterprise linked file template

  2. In the Source Properties dialog box, type the name for this local source. The source name must be a valid name that Databridge Clients can type in a Windows or a UNIX command session. It can include alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores, but no spaces or other symbols.

    The Mark all data sets buttons are disabled until you click OK and create the source. When you first create a local source, all of its data sets, except the restart data set, are included.

    global dbenterprise linked file template

  3. Review and change options in the Source Properties dialog box as needed. When you're done, click OK.

    Note: If the Save button in the Databridge Enterprise window is enabled, you have made changes that have not been written to disk and therefore are not yet in effect. To put your changes into effect, click the Save button.


Filtering a Local Source