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Importing a Configuration File

When you create or edit a Enterprise Server configuration file, observe the following formatting guidelines.

  • The remote source configuration options must match the SOURCE settings in Databridge Server parameter file.
  • The remote (or file) source must be declared before any of its local sources in the parameter file. Otherwise, options can be listed in any order.
  • Multiple options can be listed on a single line, or can be split across multiple lines.
  • No termination or continuation characters are required.
  • The comment character is the pound sign (#). It can appear anywhere on a line; anything after the comment character is ignored.

To import a configuration file

Note: After the file is imported, any further configuration changes must be made via the user interface. (Note that restricted host lists can't be edited in the user interface.)

  1. Open the sample Enterprise Server configuration file. See Sample Configuration File.
  2. Save the sample configuration file with a new name in the Config directory.
  3. Using a text editor, in the configuration file specify the following sources:
    • Remote source
    • Local source(s) and their filters
  4. Specify any other configuration options while making sure to observe the formatting guidelines, and then save the file. See Configuration File Options.
  5. Import the configuration file using one of the following methods:
    • Open a command prompt window, navigate to the directory where you installed Enterprise Server and enter the following:

      dbenterprise configure configfilename

    where configfilename is the name of the Enterprise Server configuration file. If the configuration file is in a different directory than the Enterprise Server Config subdirectory, enter the directory, too.

    • From the DBEnterprise window, click the Import button, navigate to the file you want to import, and then click the Open button.

    For both methods, a message informs you whether the import was successful. If successful, the Enterprise Server window updates with the new sources. This may take a while, depending on the number of sources you are creating and on your connection to the MCP server. If the import was not successful, consult the log file for the reason.

  6. After you've successfully imported the configuration file, provide the Databridge Clients with the information necessary to use the sources you just created. See Connecting Databridge Clients to Enterprise Server.