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Tour the Client Configurator

The Client Configurator window looks much like the Client Console. The menu bar includes many of the same options that are available from context menus (that is, by right-clicking an item in the DMSII or Relational view). A toolbar includes options to save, discard, and view your changes.

DMSII items are represented in the left side of the Client Configuration window; relational database items are represented on the right.
A. Menu bar B. Toolbar C. DMSII database D. Filter Text box (search) E. Relational database

The left side of the window represents the DMSII environment; the right side represents the relational database environment. The DMSII view shows each data source and its data sets and their items. From the DMSII Properties view, you can modify how a DMSII item will be mapped to the relational database. Use the Filter Text box to quickly find DMSII items you want to modify or select for replication. Filter options also let you show only data sets that are immediately relevant.

The right side of the window (Relational view) shows data tables and columns that correspond to the DMS items selected for replication. This view reflects your changes and shows how those items will appear in the relational database. The Relational Properties view includes additional customization options.

For information about using the Client Configurator, see Customize a Data Source.