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Rename a Table or Column

Use this procedure to rename a table or a column in the relational database.

Caution: Make this type of change only before cloning the data source. Otherwise, you may need to reclone.

To rename a table or column

  1. In the Explorer view, right-click a data source and choose Customize Data Source.
  2. In the DMSII view, select the data set or data item you want to rename.

    The table and columns for the selected data set appear in the Relational view.

  3. In the Relational view, select the table or column you want to rename.
  4. In the Relational Properties view, do one of the following:
    • To rename a table, click the value for Table Name, and type the new name.
    • To rename a column, click the value for Name, and type the new name.

    Modifying Relational Properties

  5. Press the Enter key to apply the value.

    The icon for the renamed item changes to indicate that the item has one or more pending changes.

  6. To undo your changes, right-click the modified item, and select Discard Changes.
  7. In the toolbar, click Save Save button.