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Export the Client Configuration to a File

Use this procedure to create a readable copy of the Client configuration file. The Client configuration file contains the current configuration settings for a data source, which are set from the Client Console and the Client Configurator. (The Client Console also includes settings to configure the service. These settings are saved to the service configuration file. For more information about this file, see "Client Configuration Files" in Appendix D of the Databridge Client Administrator's Guide.)

On rare occasions, you'll need to change a parameter that can't be set in either the Client Console or the Client Configurator. In this case, you'll need to export the configuration file, edit it, and then import the file.

To export the client configuration file

  1. In the Explorer view, right-click the data source and choose Client Configuration. On the left, click Customizing, and select Encode passwords in configuration INI file.
  2. In the Explorer view, right-click the data source and choose Advanced > Export Client Configuration.

    Note: Passwords in the Client configuration file are automatically encoded when you use the export command to export the file.

    A new text data source configuration file (dbridge.ini) is created from the binary configuration file (dbridge.cfg).

    To import the file, see Import a Client Configuration File,