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Manage User Permissions

Use this procedure to set user permissions for the Client Console and the Client service to a maximum of thirty user IDs.

Permissions can be granted as pre-defined roles (such as Administrator), which can be customized to include access to specific menu commands in the Client Console.

To add a user ID and assign permissions

  1. In the Explorer view, select a service and then choose Service > Manage Users.
  2. In the Manage Service User IDs dialog box, under Actions, select Add User and enter the user ID in the text box.
  3. From the Roles menu, select the role that best fits the user's level of usage.




    Has full privileges to the Client and configuration, including starting client runs, and customizing data sources.


    Can manually start client runs and start or stop the service.


    Can view, but not modify, properties and operations in the Client Console.

  4. If you want to customize the user ID's permissions, click Apply and continue the following steps. If you're done, click OK.
  5. To customize the user ID's permissions, from the User List, select the user ID you just added and select Modify User.
  6. Click Customize. In the Customize Menu Permissions dialog box, select the check boxes for all menu commands to which the user will have access, and then click OK.

    Tip: After you've created a customized user ID, you can copy its permissions and assign them to a new user ID. This is useful when you need to create multiple user IDs with the same permissions. To do this, add a new user ID (step 2). Then, from the User List, select the user ID that has the permissions you want to reuse (for example, jsmith) and click Copy Permissions. The copied permissions appear, selected, in the Roles menu as the item Like jsmith.

  7. Click OK to close the Manage Service User IDs dialog box.
  8. To remove a user ID, select it from the User List, select Delete User, and click OK. The default user ID and any currently active user IDs cannot be deleted.