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Exclude Data Sets from Cloning and Tracking

The Active check box in the Client Console determines whether data sets are included in cloning and tracking processes. You can temporarily stop tracking for a data set by clearing the Active check box in the Client Console.

Caution: If you deselect the Active check box for a data set in the Client Configurator, tables that are mapped from the data set are removed from the DATATABLES and DATAITEMS client control tables. Any customizations you made to these tables in the Relational view are also lost.

If you want to filter out data sets that contain confidential or sensitive information, consider using a logical database or a filtering routine in the DBGenFormat utility on the host. The Client will have no record that these data sets exist.

To exclude a data set

  1. From the Explorer view, click the plus (+) signs to expand the data source and the data sets.
  2. Right-click a data set and select Properties.
  3. In the Properties view, clear the Active check box.

    The item becomes outlined in red, indicating that it has been modified.

  4. To save the change, right-click the data set and select Commit Changes.

    The icons return to normal. If a data set contains active and inactive data sets, the Active value in the Properties view is <multiple>.

  5. (Optional) To show inactive data sets in the Explorer view, use the filters from the Explorer view menu. Inactive data sets are hidden by default.