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Date and Time Parameters

Specify processing settings for the selected data source. Configuration file parameters are provided in parentheses.

Date parameters

Century break (yy) (century_break)

Specify a two-digit year value (yy) for dms_subtypes in the 30s, 60s, and 90s. Values less than 50 are 21st century years (20yy) and values equal to or greater than 50 are 20th century years (19yy). For example, if a value of 50 (default) describes the range of years between 1950 and 2049.

LINC date base year (yyyy) (linc_century_base)

Specify a four-digit year value to signify the base year for LINC database dates.

Correct invalid date values (correct_bad_days)

When selected, the Client attempts to correct DMSII dates with a bad day value by setting the value to last day for the given month and year.

Default date formats

Numeric date

Specify the date format used to decode numeric dates. Options include all six- and eight-digit numeric data formats.

Default date format

Specify the default date format that appears when you select the Clone as Date option from the DMS item context menu in the DMSII view of the Client Configurator.