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Connect to the Service

Use this procedure to connect to the service installed with the Databridge Client software on the client system. If you have multiple clients on same database, you can manage them with a single service. The service controls all client runs and the DBClntCfgServer program. The DBClntCfgServer program acts as a server and performs all operations (except for process and clone commands) initiated by the Client Console and the Client Configurator.

After you add a data source to the service, you can schedule regularly occurring client runs. For information, see Schedule Updates.

To add a service

Note: If you upgraded your Databridge Client software and user scripts from a previous version, skip this task and the next, Add a Data Source. The service and your data sources should automatically appear in the Client Console.

  1. Make sure that the service is running on the Client system. (For instructions, see the Databridge Installation Guide.)
  2. From the Service menu, choose Add Service.
  3. In the Add Service dialog box, type the host name or IP address and port number, and click OK. The default port number for the service is 8001.
  4. In the Connect to dialog box, type your user ID and a password, and click OK.

    The next time you start the Client Console, it automatically connects to the configured service. To change this default, select the service in the Explorer view, and in the Properties view, deselect Connect on Startup.

To remove a service

  • In the Explorer view, right-click the service and choose Disconnect.
  • Right-click the service again and choose Remove Service.