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DATABridge Installation Guide

Use this guide to install, configure, and run DATABridge 6.2. Included are instructions for installing and upgrading the Attachmate DATABridge Host, Enterprise Server, and Client products. Also included are a list of new features, system requirements, and installation results for these products.

Note: For instructions on installing the Service Pack, see the included Read Me file (readme.txt).

For installation instructions on DATABridge FileXtract, Plus, Twin, or DMSII Client, see the individual PDF guide for that product in the Docs folder on the installation image. You'll need Adobe Reader to view these guides.

To install, configure, and run DATABridge, you should be a system administrator familiar with the following:

  • Standard Unisys® operations for MCP-hosted mainframes such as the CS7xxx series, Libra series, ClearPath® NX/LX or A Series
  • DMSII databases and Data And Structure Definition Language (DASDL)

In this Section

New Features in 6.2 SP1

Security Guidelines

System Requirements

Related Documentation

Description of Files on the Installation Image