Switch from User Scripts to the Client Configurator

If you currently customize your database via user scripts but wish to start using the Client Configurator, you must first run the dbscriptfixup program for each of your data sources. This program updates the client control tables so that you no longer need the user scripts. The dbscriptfixup program also creates a new set of user scripts that are compatible with the Client Configurator for backup purposes.

Note: This task is not time-sensitive and can be completed at any time after installation. We recommend that you get the DATABridge Client 6.2 running to your satisfaction before you perform this task.

To run dbscriptfixup

  1. Create a backup copy of your user scripts.
  2. Open a command prompt and change the directory to the working directory of a data source.
  3. Run the dbscriptfixup verify command (replacing <data_source> with the actual name):

    dbscriptfixup verify <data_source>

    The dbscriptfixup program performs a read-only review of the user scripts and reports changes you must make to the scripts.

  4. Make any changes if indicated by the dbscriptfixup program and then repeat step 2 until you get no errors. You may want to remove or rename problem user scripts and deal with them later.
  5. Back up the control tables for the data source to an unload file by typing the following command:

    dbutility unload <data_source> <data_source>_control_tables.sav

  6. Run the dbscriptfixup upgrade command:

    dbscriptfixup upgrade <data_source>

  7. Depending on the results of step 6, do one of the following:
    • If the command succeeded (exit code=0), you can now use the Client Configurator. If you want to verify the process, see the following section.
    • If the command failed (exit code=1), reload your control tables by typing the following command and then replace any user scripts you changed in step 4 to restore the configuration to its previous state.

      dbutility reload <data_source> <data_source>_control_tables.sav

Verifying the results

You can verify that the dbscriptfixup program successfully updated your control tables by executing a redefine command for the data source with the –R option. If the command finds no changes in the table layouts, you can safely use the Client Configurator, knowing that all of the changes you made via user scripts are preserved.