Install the Client Console on UNIX

For optimal performance, install the Client Console to a workstation connected to—not on—the relational database, or it will use valuable system resources. You can install and run the Client Console on AIX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows operating systems. For example, you can install and run it on a Windows workstation that is connected to UNIX, or run it on both types of workstations simultaneously. See System Requirements.

Note: Use DATABridge Client Console 6.2 with DATABridge 6.2 software. It is not compatible with earlier DATABridge versions.

To install the Client Console

  1. Copy the *.tar.gz archives from the \Console\<UNIX> directory for the appropriate UNIX platform to the location you want.

    There are two archives; one for the dbconfig and one for dbconsole.

  2. Unzip the archives:

    gzip –d dbcon*.gz

  3. Extract each of the files from the tarballs by running the following separate commands:

    tar –xvf dbconsole*.tar

    tar –xvf dbconfig*.tar

    This creates two directories (dbconsole and dbconfig) in the current working directory.

  4. Next, provide execute privileges to the dbconfig file and to the dbconsole file:

    chmod +x dbconsole/dbconsole

    chmod +x dbconfig/dbconfig

After the Client Console is successfully installed, start the daemon and then start the Client Console.