Pseudo Quiet Points


Checkpoint [client] during long transactions [ = value [ only ] ]

where value is True, Yes, False, or No.


Checkpoint client during long transactions = false only

When this option is true, DBEngine treats a pseudo quiet point as a normal quiet point and a possible place to commit a transaction group.

A pseudo quiet point occurs when DMS forces all programs out of transaction state in order to perform a sync point when the SYNCWAIT time specified in the DASDL is exceeded. If a program terminates (or there is a halt/load) before finishing a long transaction, DMS rolls back the entire long transaction, but the client database still has the committed portions of the partial transaction. DBEngine eventually reverses these updates when the recovery region of the audit is processed by sending update reversals. In these cases, the history records will contain both the original update and its reversal.

The only option prevents DATABridge Clients or accessories from changing the option.