DBEngine API

This API provides access to DBEngine and the Support Library to retrieve structural information, layout information, and data from audit files and a DMSII database. All DATABridge accessories use the DATABridge API. Following are examples of what you can do with the DATABridge API at your site:

  • EDP Auditors can develop accessories to monitor changes being made to all or selected records.
  • Applications can be developed to generate summary reports of changes made to the database (for example, net change to a dollar amount field).
  • Applications can be developed to report history records of all changes made to the primary database.

Sample accessories for the DATABridge API include the following:

  • MiniLister (COBOL)
  • MiniSpan (COBOL)
  • SQLGen (ALGOL)
  • AuditClose (ALGOL)
  • ReadDoc (ALGOL)
  • COBOLFormat (COBOL)
  • ExtractAddress (COBOL)

Source is available for each of these. Each serves as an example of how you can use the DATABridge API. For more about the DATABridge API, see the DATABridge Programmer’s Reference.

Database Definition Retrieval

DBEngine provides several entry points for retrieving database definition information. These entry points are useful for programs that need to format data records or facilitate mapping from the DMSII database to the client database. The predefined formatting procedures in the Support Library use these entry points to load the arrays used for driving the formatting routines. For more information about entry points, refer to the DATABridge Programmer’s Reference.