Use this parameter to specify whether DATABridge should do an online extraction (the database is open for updates) or an offline extraction (the database is not open for updates). If you do not specify OFFLINE or ONLINE, DBServer will do an online clone. You might clone offline when extracting compact data sets to avoid duplicate records. You might also want to clone offline to avoid having to apply any fixup records to the extracts file. Note that if the database has INDEPENDENTTRANS set, DBEngine will use SECURE STRUCTURE to enforce an offline clone, which allows other programs to update the data sets not being cloned. Otherwise, an offline dump is simulated.

If you specify OFFLINE, there will not be a fixup phase in the replication process since there will be no updates to the cloned data sets during the extract phase.

Note: When using DATABridge Enterprise to clone a dataset, the CLONE OFFLINE option will be ignored if it is reading the dataset in Direct or Indirect mode. In this case DATABridge Enterprise always performs an online clone.