Forcing an Audit Switch

If you generate less than one audit file a day, you may want to force an audit switch daily and run the Span accessory or DBServer so that the secondary (replicated) database is at most one day behind. In this case, you can use the following procedure instead of running AuditTimer.

The following procedure works only for databases that are currently open for updating (that is, one or more programs have done an OPEN UPDATE databasename).

To force an audit switch

  1. From the ODT or action line in MARC, transmit the following:


    A list of active databases and their associated mix numbers appears.

  2. Transmit the following for the database audit file you want to close:

    mixnumber SM AUDIT CLOSE FORCE

    where mixnumber is the mix number of an active database.

    The current audit file is now closed, and a new one is created.

You can also use Audit Close utility to close the current audit file. See Audit Close Utility. For additional information on forcing an audit switch, see the Unisys DMSII Utilities documentation.