The HEADER option applies only to consolidated Span output files. A consolidated Span output file results when you specify a file title for the EXTRACTS, FIXUPS, and UPDATES options. In this case, the file specified by the file title contains all of the Span output. Compare this to specifying these options with directory/=, which creates several Span output files, each with the name of the data set in its title.

Use this option to specify whether or not you want Span to place a header at the beginning of a consolidated output file. The header contains the HOSTNAME as well as the complete starting and ending audit location in readable format. The HEADER option applies to normal updates, which occur when MODE = 2. The normal updates refer to updating a previously replicated database.

Using HEADER can facilitate secondary database processing by clarifying the order in which to process files. It also provides some continuity checking to ensure that files aren’t lost or processed twice.




Default. No header is placed at the beginning of the consolidated output file.


Span writes a header record containing the complete audit locations corresponding to the start and end of the data file. Span inserts the following symbols in the header record:



to designate the beginning of header data



to designate the starting audit location



to designate the ending audit location


If Span discovers that the data file already exists, it ensures that the old ending audit location matches the current starting location. If it does not match, Span renames the file by adding a node (…/BAD) and opens a new file.