Syntax: REPORT reportoptions

The REPORT option controls the following:

  • The types of information that Span writes to its report file. The types of information are controlled by the ERRORS, WARNINGS, and INFO options. Your selections are identified by the label “Logging” in the Span report file.
  • The type of data errors that Span writes to its report file when the formatting routines detect a data error in a data set record. The types of data errors are controlled by the INVALID or NULL NUMBERS and TEXT options. Your selections are identified by the label “DataErrors” in the Span report file.

    Important: The formatting routines apply the data error options when you are using a formatting routine generated by GenFormat such as BINARYFORMAT, COMMAFORMAT or FIXEDFORMAT. RAWFORMAT routines do not use the data error options. User-written formatting routines do not use the data error options.

You can specify any combination of the following report options after the literal REPORT.




Span writes all error messages to the report. ERRORS include any errors detected by the formatting routines generated by the GenFormat program.


Span writes all warning messages to the report.


Span writes informational messages such as data file titles, number of records replicated, etc., to the report.


Span checks for the following error conditions:

  • Invalid signs
  • Overflows
  • Undigits


Span writes all invalid text to the report. Invalid text is any text that has unreadable characters in an ALPHA data item.


Note: This option is provided for sites that want to ensure that none of their data items have a NULL value. For these sites, a NULL value would be invalid data. Other sites use the NULL value to indicate undefined data; in this case, the NULL value is not invalid data.

Span writes all null numbers to the report. A null number is the value defined in the DASDL to be NULL for that numeric (NUMBER or REAL) data item. If the DASDL does not explicitly specify a NULL value for a data item, the NULL value is all bits turned on.


This is the equivalent of ERRORS, WARNINGS, and INFO. This is also the default, and it is in effect even when you comment out the REPORT option. The only way to turn off the REPORT option is to enter NONE, explained next.


Span still creates a printer backup file, but it contains only the date Span was initialized, the version, and the Span parameter filename.

The internal name of the Span report file is MSGFILE and it defaults to a printer backup file named as follows:


For a sample report file, see Span Report Files.

You can file equate MSGFILE to some other device in WFL/DATABRIDGE/SPAN. The location of the printer backup file depends on the configuration at your site.