Syntax: UPDATES directoryname or filename [ON devicename]

This option specifies where Span writes the normal update records retrieved during tracking.

directoryname or filename are treated the same as they are for the EXTRACTS option. The default name for UPDATES is as follows:


If the UPDATES output files already exist, Span appends the new records to the existing files.

Note: Each time Span closes a disk UPDATES file, the USERINFO file attribute is set to the ending ABSN.

Tape Example

If you enter UPDATES ON TAPE, Span takes the default filename, which for UPDATES is DATA/SPAN/databasename/=.

However, since tape names can be only two nodes, the tape names would actually be databasename/datasetname. If a data set requires more than one tape (or cartridge), the tape name stays the same, but the MCP increments the reel number.

Important: If you specify a directory name (resulting in one file per structure) ON TAPE, you must have one tape drive per structure, and they must all be opened at once.