Transferred Filenames and Logs

When you transfer a file to the MCP environment, nodes (in filenames or folder names) containing characters that are invalid in MCP titles are enclosed in quotation marks. Nodes longer than 17 characters are truncated if the SYSOPS LONGFILENAMES option is reset.

When you transfer MCP files to the Windows environment, slashes that separate filename nodes are converted to the percentage sign (%), and quotation marks are removed. Additionally, the ON <familyname> portion of the file title is dropped. If you want to retain this title in the filename of the copied file on Windows, use the AS keyword. See Transferring Files or Folders.

Logs for file transfers are placed in one of two folders in the Logs directory:

  • Copy from <ipaddress> contains logs for files that were copied from the MCP environment to Windows
  • Copy to <ipaddress> contains logs for files that were copied to the MCP environment from Windows