Starting Enterprise Server via DATABridge Director

DATABridge Director (also referred to as DBDirector) is a Windows Service installed with Enterprise Server that starts Enterprise Server whenever a connection request is received.

When you start your computer, DBDirector starts and reads the ListenPort registry value to determine which TCP/IP port communicates with DATABridge Clients. Each time Director receives a connection request, it starts Enterprise Server (using command-line parameters CONNECT socketnumber ipaddress) and then waits for the next connection. Director has very low resource requirements and can handle multiple Enterprise Server connection requests quickly. (There is no set limit on how many connections can run simultaneously.)

Director uses the LocalSystem account. (Running the Director service under other accounts is not supported.) When Director runs Enterprise Server for replication, Enterprise Server also runs under the LocalSystem account. For Enterprise Server to access MCP disks directly (for example, EMC disk), the LocalSystem account must be assigned Administrator rights.

Note: The notification batch file also runs under the LocalSystem account unless a user name and password is specified for that source.