Starting Enterprise Server with the CACHE Command

You can start Enterprise Server in caching mode by using the CACHE command-line parameter.

To start caching using a command

  • Type the following command in a command prompt window

    dbenterprise cache basesourcename

    [ password [ = ] "password" ]

    [ startafn [[ - ] endafn | +]]

    This syntax lets you specify a starting point in addition to an ending point. You can use this option to limit the client to processing updates up to a particular AFN if the client is restricted to reading only cache files (that is, if Only is selected for When tracking, read cached files in the Filtered Source Cache Properties dialog box).

    The password corresponds to the KEY (password) SOURCE option in the DBServer parameter file. The plus sign ( + ) indicates that Enterprise Server will continue caching all available audit files that follow the startafn. If you specify only a startafn, Enterprise Server will cache only the specified audit file and then stop.