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Introducing the Client Console

From the Client Console, you can manage all Client operations, from customizing the layout of your relational database to cloning data and scheduling updates. In addition, the Client Console provides a single window from which you can monitor multiple data sources, view logs and performance statistics, and update your settings. For a description of the graphical user interface, see Tour the Client Console.

The Client Console uses the Eclipse integrated development environment. To learn about the Eclipse open source community and the features available to the Client Console, see


You can find instructions for getting started with the Client Console in this guide and in tutorials that are available from the Help menu in this application.


See the DATABridge Client Administrator's Guide for a complete reference to the DATABridge Client, including configuration settings, user scripts, and command-line Client operations. This guide is included with the DATABridge software as a PDF file (client.pdf).