Unsupported DMSII Structures

When the DATABridge host replication software does not support a particular DMSII structure, there may or may not be a warning message issued by the DATABridge Client, depending on the DMSII structure. For example, a message is generated when the data set has no keys.

The DATABridge Client does not support the following DMSII structures:

  • Embedded data sets within an ORDERED or COMPACT data set
  • Embedded data sets if the INDEPENDENTTRANS option is reset
  • POPULATION items
  • COUNT data items
  • FILLER data items
  • AGGREGATE data items

    Note: Marking a field REQUIRED in the DMSII DASDL does not prevent the DATABridge Client from assigning the default NULL attribute to the mapped relational database column.