Using Batch Console to Get Status Information

You can use the Batch Console in query mode to get status information. This capability is not related to automation, but is provided to let you query the service about the status of your data sources. Query mode connects to the service, gets the status of the specified data sources, and then writes that information to a file.

To use query mode, you must provide the connect parameters and the command using command-line switches. The command line for query mode is as follows:

bconsole /s service_name /p port /P password /w filename /q command

where the service_name, output filename, and command can optionally be enclosed in double quotation marks. If the /w filename option is omitted, the program will write the output to the file bconsole.log. The syntax for the command is:

status [data_source]

If data_source is omitted (or is specified as _all) the status of all data sources is written to the output file in CSV format. A sample output file is as follows:




Each line includes (in this order): a) the data source name; b) its state; c) the process-id of the current run (or 0 if there's no active run); d) type (state) of the last run; e) exit code of last run or 9999 if the run is active; f) start time of the active run or the last run (if there's no active run); g) stop time of the last run (0 if there is an active run); h) the next scheduled run (if idle); and i) the flag for the data source. If a client run crashes, it will have an exit code of 9999 and the data source will be marked as disabled.