DMSII Times Represented as ALPHA, NUMBER, or TIME

You can decode DMSII times represented as ALPHA, NUMBER, or TIME items to relational database data types using the DATABridge host or the DATABridge Client. To do this on the host (versus the DATABridge Client), you must redefine the DMSII item using an ALTER REDEFINE. For more information, see Chapter 5 of the DATABridge Programmer’s Reference.

To decode those data types using the DATABridge Client, write a script (script.user_layout.primary_tablename) that does the following:

  • Sets the DIOPT_Clone_as_Time (256) bit in di_options.
  • Sets the dms_subtype column in DMS_ITEMS to indicate the type of time encoding method used on the host, as follows:

    Time Encoding Scheme

    Value for dms_subtype Column

    ALPHA(6) or NUMBER(6) time of day in hhmnss format


    TIME(1) time of day in 1/60 of a second


    TIME(11) time of day in ticks (2.4 microseconds)


    TIME(12) and TIME(14) elapsed time in ticks


For an example script, see Cloning an Alpha or Number Field As a Time.