DMSII Dates Represented as a GROUP of Numbers

The DMSII GROUP must always contain a year and a month; the day can be omitted, in which case it defaults to 1. To clone a DMSII date (represented as a group of numbers) as a relational database date, write a user script (script.user_layout.primary_tablename) that does the following:

  1. Sets the DIOPT_Clone_as_Date (2) bit in the di_options column
  2. Sets the dms_subtype column of the group members in DMS_ITEMS to indicate which part of the date they represent, as follows:

    Part of Date in GROUP

    Value for dms_subtype Column

    Year (assumes a 1900 base)






    By default, yy values < 50 are 21st century years (20yy) and yy values > 50 are 20th century years (19yy).*


    Absolute year

    This is a 4-digit year specification (for example, 2010).


*The following SQL statements cause the DATABridge Client to clone the DMSII group INV_DATE as a relational database date type.

Filename: script.user_layout.inv

update DMS_ITEMS set di_options=2 where dataset_name=’INV’ and dms_item_name=’INV_DATE’


update DMS_ITEMS set dms_subtype=1 where dataset_name=’INV’ and dms_item_name=’INV_DATE_YEAR


update DMS_ITEMS set dms_subtype=2 where dataset_name=’INV’ and dms_item_name=’INV_DATE_MONTH’


update DMS_ITEMS set dms_subtype=3 where dataset_name=’INV’ and dms_item_name=’INV_DATE_DAY’