Follow these conventions in the configuration file:

  • For hexadecimal values, use the 0xnnnn format.
  • A semicolon (;), except within double quoted strings, indicates that the remainder of the current line is a comment.
  • Section headers are enclosed in square brackets.
  • Section headers and parameter names are not case-sensitive.
  • Spaces and tabs between entries are ignored; however, spaces within double quoted values (for example, password values) are read.
  • If you are not using a parameter, either comment the parameter out or delete the corresponding line in the configuration file. Do not leave an uncommented parameter without a value after the equal sign (=). Doing so results in syntax error.

You can specify some of these parameters only in the Client configuration file. Other parameters have equivalent command-line options and environment variables. For a complete list of configuration file parameters, their equivalent command-line options, and their related Client command, see Reference Tables.