Adding a Composite Key to Tables Mapped from a Data Set

The following example inserts a composite key named user_set_shipping_detail into the data set SHIPPING-DETAIL, which does not have a SET defined in DMSII.

File name: script.user_layout.shipping_detail

update DATASETS set set_name='user_set'
where dataset_name = 'SHIPPING-DETAIL'


update DMS_ITEMS set item_key=1
where dms_item_name = 'SD-PO-NUMBER' and dataset_name = 'SHIPPING-DETAIL'


update DMS_ITEMS set item_key=2
where dms_item_name = 'SD-LINE-ITEM' and dataset_name = 'SHIPPING-DETAIL'

Note: If the set_name is either aa_set or user_set, the DATABridge Client appends the table_name to the set_name. The above script takes advantage of this feature.