Flattening OCCURS Clause for Three Bit Numeric Flags

MISER systems store certain flags as arrays of single-digit numbers, where each number is used to hold three Boolean values. The DATABridge Client can be directed to map these items as a series of Booleans data items (bit in SQL Server). This requires the setting of the DIOPT_Flatten_Occurs bit (1) and the DIOPT_Clone_as_Tribit bit (16) in the di_options column of the corresponding DMS_ITEMS record.

Following is an example for the item L‑LOCK‑FLAG in the data set LOAN.

File name: script.user_layout.loan

update DMS_ITEMS set active=1, di_options=17, dms_subtype=0
where dataset_name = 'LOAN' and rectype=0 and dms_item_name = 'L-LOCK-FLAG'

In this example, if the L-LOCK_FLAG has an OCCURS 20 TIMES clause, 60 items of type bit named l_lock_flag_01 to l_lock_flag_60 are created.