Redefining a Character

To redefine a character, alter the EBCDIC to ASCII translation table by entering the pair of numeric values representing the EBCDIC character code and the corresponding ASCII character code in the [EbcdictoAscii] section of the configuration file. You can use decimal or hexadecimal (for example, 124 for decimal or 0x7C for hexadecimal) to represent the EBCDIC and ASCII character codes.

The DATABridge Client does not allow you to change the values of characters that are constant across national characters, including the space, hyphen (-), single quote ( ' ), digits 0–9, and the letters of the alphabet (A–Z and a–z). Changing any of these characters causes an error unless you set the restrict_translation parameter appropriately.


The following example shows EBCDIC to ASCII translation using hexadecimal characters. Note that this file is for example only; it does not represent any national character set.

;hexadecimal format


0x7C = 0x7E     ; remapping of @ to ~

0xE0 = 0x7C     ; remapping of \ to |

0xC0 = 0x5B     ; remapping of { to [

0xD0 = 0x5D     ; remapping of } to ]