Default: False
Range: True or False
Related parameters: max_wait_secs, max_retry_secs

Use this parameter to select the DATABridge API to use during update processing, as follows:

  • Set to False to use the DBREAD API. The DBREAD API returns an audit file unavailable status when all available audit files have been processed.
  • Set to True to use the DBWAIT API. The DBWAIT API waits for an audit file to become available. This is the required setting if the DATABridge host software is using DATABridge Plus.

The difference between the DBWAIT API and the DBREAD API is that DBWAIT waits for updates to become available rather than returning an audit file unavailable status.

This parameter applies only to the process command for updates. The DATABridge Client ignores it for a clone command, which always uses the DBREAD API. Similarly, if all selected data sets in a process command have a ds_mode value of 0 (that is, they are all being cloned) this parameter is also ignored.

Prior to version 6.0, regardless of the use_dbwait parameter, the initial process command would perform the clone of DMSII data to the relational database and then exit.

In DATABridge 6.x, if use_dbwait is enabled in the client configuration file, the initial process goes into Replication mode after the fixups have completed.

Note: You can temporarily toggle this parameter by using the -w command-line option.