Default: 23 (format mmddyyy)
Range: Any legal numeric date format value (dms_subtype values 11–16, 21–26, 31–36). See Decoding DMSII Dates, Times, and Date/Times.

The numeric_date_format parameter enables you to store DMSII dates as relational database numbers written out in the specified, allowable, DMSII numeric date format. To configure the numeric_date_format, you need to set the DMS_ITEMS client control table DIOPT_Clone_as_Date bit and set the sql_type to 13, which represents a numeric date. The date is stored as an int data type in Microsoft SQL Server and a number (10) in Oracle.

This feature is useful in converting a DMSII MISER date or LINC date as a readable, numeric date. Note that the use of relational database date data type is a much better alternative.