Supported DMSII Structures

This section lists DMSII structures that are supported by the DATABridge Client. If you are the relational database administrator and have no experience with DMSII databases, this section will be more useful to you if you are working with the DMSII database administrator.

In addition to fixed-format data sets and variable-format data sets, the DATABridge Client supports the following DMSII structures:

  • Embedded data sets (see exceptions in the following section)
  • Remaps
  • Logical database
  • FIELD items for GROUPs of BOOLEANS
  • Data sets with more items than the maximum number of columns supported by the relational database
  • Data sets that generate relational tables whose record sizes exceed the Microsoft SQL Server maximum record size.
  • DMSII links in DIRECT, UNORDERED, and STANDARD data sets. (Links in variable-format data sets are cloned but not tracked.)

Some of these structures may not be supported by your relational database. The DMSII structures that are not supported by relational databases are mapped into a form that the relational database can use. Each of these structures and the way they are mapped in the relational database is explained in the remainder of this chapter.