DMSII Changes to Record Locations

DMSII record locations are changed in the following circumstances:

  • Garbage collections reorganizations
  • File format conversions
  • Record format conversions

Garbage collection and file format conversion reorganizations only affect data sets that use AA values as keys. Therefore, unless the data sets using AA values as keys are small and garbage collection reorganizations at your site are infrequent, it is recommended that you use RSNs. (If you're unable to use RSNs, composite keys are a viable alternative to AA values. However, they are error prone and can result in false duplicate records.)

When a data set is affected by a garbage collection reorganization or a file format conversion, the DATABridge Client sets ds_mode to 12 in the DATASETS client control table and displays the message:

WARNING: DMSII reorganization has occurred; AA values for DataSet name[/rectype] are no longer valid

No changes will be tracked for the data set until it is recloned. You can configure the DATABridge Client to reclone the data set automatically in these situations by setting the auto_reclone parameter to True. The DATABridge Client will reclone the data set as soon as it discovers that the AA values are invalid. See auto_reclone.

When a record format conversion affects a data set that uses AA values, the redefine command forces that data set to be recloned, even if the tables derived from the data set are not affected by the reorganization.