Preparing for a DMSII Rollback

You can prepare for possible DMSII rollbacks by backing up DATABridge Span parameter files after each replication run. If you typically let DATABridge Span append data to existing data files from previous runs, you will also need to back up the data files at the end of each run such that they can be matched with any particular parameter file backup. This allows you to easily reposition the DATABridge Span parameter file to a commit point prior to the restore point on the primary database.

If you anticipate having to roll back up to three days of transactions from your database, save backup copies of Span accessory parameter files for the last three days that you ran it. DATABridge Span stores audit location information in its parameter file and the information is updated each time you run it.

Consider saving the parameter files in one of the following ways:

  • If you run Span several times a day:




  • If you run Span once a day: