Audit Remove Utility

After a DATABridge accessory processes audit files that were copied to a separate audit pack, you can use the Audit Remove utility to remove the processed audit files.

To configure the Audit Remove utility

  1. Using CANDE or another editor, open the sample Audit Remove WFL (WFL/DATABRIDGE/SAMPLE/REMOVEAUDIT).
  2. Modify the values of KEEP, AUDITPREFIX, and AUDITPACK.
  3. Save the sample WFL as follows:


  4. where databasename is the name of the database you are replicating.
  5. Configure the AUDIT JOB option in the DBServer or DATABridge Span parameter file to specify the following:


    See instructions for AUDIT JOB for DATABridge Server or AUDIT JOB for Span Accessory.

  6. Run the accessory as usual.

    After the accessory processes the audit file, it will start the REMOVEAUDIT WFL, which removes the specified audit file.