Syntax: AUTO CONNECT "hostname" PORT portnumber

where hostname is the name of the host where the DATABridge DMSII Client resides and portnumber is the port number that DATABridge Server uses to connect to the DATABridge DMSII Client. Note that you can list any number of AUTO CONNECT entries in the global section (before the first SOURCE declaration) of the DBServer parameter file.

Note: The DATABridge DMSII Client is the only DATABridge Client that supports the AUTO CONNECT feature. To use this feature, you must also configure the DATABridge DMSII Client for AUTO CONNECT. Refer to your DATABridge DMSII Client Administrator’s Guide.

This option enables DATABridge Server to notify a DATABridge DMSII Client when additional audit file information becomes available. When notified, the DATABridge DMSII Client will then establish a connection with DATABridge Server to receive the additional audit file information.

The first time DATABridge Server runs, it connects to the specified ports. If successful and the DATABridge DMSII Client initiates contact with DATABridge Server, DATABridge Server will note the database the client uses and contact the DATABridge DMSII Client when audit file information becomes available for that database.