Run the Lister Accessory

Use the following procedure for running Lister to produce a database layout report. You can run Lister at any time.

To run Lister

  1. Using CANDE or another editor, open the sample Lister parameter file (DATA/LISTER/SAMPLE/CONTROL).
  2. Save the sample parameter file as follows:


    where databasename is the name of the database or logical database from which you plan to create the report.

  3. Edit the new Lister parameter file (DATA/LISTER/databasename/CONTROL), and set report options. See Lister Parameter File for an explanation of each option.
  4. Start Lister using the following syntax.

    Note: For a description of the Lister WFL runtime options, see Lister WFL.

    START WFL/DATABRIDGE/LISTER ("databasename")

    — or —

    START WFL/DATABRIDGE/LISTER ("databasename", "logicaldatabasename")

    The logicaldatabasename parameter provides a means for having multiple parameter files for the same database. If logicaldatabasename is the name of a logical database within the databasename database, Lister uses that logical database. Otherwise, it simply uses the logicaldatabasename as a way to specify an alternate parameter file (DATA/LISTER/databasename/logicaldatabasename/CONTROL). Lister then creates a report, which it directs to a printer file.

  5. Print or view the report generated by Lister. By default it is named as follows:


    — or —


    For an example and explanation of this report, see Lister Report.


    The following command:


    indicates that Lister should use the following file:


    The Lister printer file will be named as follows: